Spice It Up- Sex Toys For Couples

We have two words to say to you, sex toys. We bet you are thinking about a singleton reaching for their favourite toy to help them reach the pleasure that they are missing? Well, it is common that many people seem to only think about solo people when it comes to sex toys and with good reason. But the truth is, sex toys can also be great for couples too.

The only problem seems to be, which sex toys actually work best for couples? If you are new to the idea of trying them out and bringing a little spice to your sex life, then why not take a look at our guide to the very best sex toys for couples?

A finger vibrator

As the name suggests, these types of vibrators are worn over the finger of your partner during foreplay or sex. They are ideal for making sure that you get a thrill, without your sex toy being too large, imposing or perhaps even off-putting for your partner. They are also small enough that they can easily be transported around.


If you want to be able to take your sex life a little more mobile, then you might want to check out the idea of vibrating beads. These toys are designed to be worn inside the vagina and can be used during foreplay, but are also great for some out and about fun too. Especially those that are powered by a remote control which your partner can take control of.


One of the most common sex toys for couples out there has to be the ring. Usually made from silicone and often coming with a mini vibrator. The idea of a ring is to be worn over the penis in order to enhance penetrative sex. Not only is it thought that it can help with the female orgasm as it stimulates the clitoris during sex, but it is also great for your partner and his orgasm too.

Massage candle

Not all sex toys have to be about pleasure and vibration. Sometimes the most sensual of tools that you can take in the bedroom, are the ones that you least expect. The idea of a massage candle is that it is lit and burns much like a normal candle. However, they boast a spout on the side. This allows the hot wax to be poured over the body of you or your partner, giving a rather pleasurable feeling on the skin. Not only this, but they are great for creating mood lighting and often come in a variety of smells too.

So, what are you waiting for? Want to spice it up in the bedroom? Why not treat yourself and your partner to an amazing new sex toy and welcome some heat into your love life?

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