Sexting Tips 😉

There has never been more of a need to indulge in long-distance love than there is right now. Dating in a Covid-19 world has become trickier than ever and now we find ourselves having to think of new and exciting ways to keep the spark alive. 

Whilst sexting might not be something that is new, it is definitely having more of a resurgence of late. Sexting is when you text your partner (or just someone who you are dating) all in a rather sexy way. This could be pictures or perhaps describing all the things that you want to do to them, if you were together. 

The idea of sexting sounds straightforward enough to do, however, to help to make sure that you get it right, we have put together our top tips on how to master the art of sexting. 

Get the timing right

Just like with real face to face, or should that be body to body sex, you need to make sure that you pick your time right. You don’t want to start a conversation with your partner if you know that they are at work or are going to be busy with other things. So, make sure that you find the right time to get to work with them and that way you can have their full attention.

Don’t rush

It is all too tempting to rush ahead when it comes to sexting and get to the good stuff as fast as possible. However, it is a type of foreplay, which means that you need to take your time and go slow. Let the anticipation build up and reveal things a little as you go. This will make sure that they are waiting for you and that they want to know what you are going to say next. 

Play around with fantasy

When you are sexting then chances are that you are going to feel a whole lot more confident to say things that you might not say if you were face to face. This means that you have the chance to play around with fantasy. Think about things that really turn you and your partner on and bring that into conversation. Not only is this great for existing fantasies that you have, but can also help you to discover fantasies that you didn’t even know that you had.

Ask them sexy questions

Of course, sexting is not all about you, it is also about your partner too. Which means that you are going to need to ask them questions about how they are feeling and what they want to talk about. Make sure that you ask them questions about how they are feeling and what they want to talk about. Not only is this going to help to give them the chance to share their ideas, but you will also find out what you can use when you finally meet up.

Sexting might not be as good as the real thing, but that doesn’t mean that you should disregard it. It can bring a touch of spice to your sex life and bring you together when you are apart. 

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