Want To Set The Mood In Your Home? Here Are The Colours To Use For Any Mood

Your home is your safe haven, a place that you can escape to after a busy day in the rest of the world. This means that you are likely to do whatever you can to make sure that your home feels right for you. This includes the décor that you use, the finishing touches that you choose and the furnishings that you have in there too.

You can set the mood, you can have the colours and theme that you like. What you may not realise is that both of these things can come together. If you are wanting to transform your home , then why not take a look at our guide on how to set the mood in your home, using colour?

Lift your mood with yellow

The colour yellow is the epitome of happiness, of warmth and of sunshine. This means that if you are looking to create a room which feels inviting, that feels light and that feels fun; then yellow is the colour for you. We love the idea of using yellow in a playroom or shared family space, as it is so bright and eye-catching.

Create a calm haven with purple

Do you have a space in your home that you love to relax and unwind in? Perhaps your bedroom is your safe space where you can escape to after a busy day? If this is true for you then one of the best colours to consider is purple, You can, if you are feeling brave, choose a dark and luxurious purple, although, if you find this too dramatic, then you can choose lilac, lavender or heather instead.

Have more space with white

White might be seen as a dull and boring colour compared to others out there, but this doesn’t need to be the case. White is a great colour to brighten up a space and to open it. This is particularly good if you are concerned that the room is too cramped or that you don’t have enough natural light in there.

Be modern and chic with grey

The colour grey has become a bit of a staple in modern interior design. It used to be seen as a bit of a white alternative, playing it safe, but actually now grey is seen to be a modern, ultra chic choice. This is particularly true if you want to adopt a touch of Scandinavian style and mix it with warming wood tones. We think that grey works really well in a bathroom, or perhaps as a colour choice for a dining room too.

The great thing about colour is that you can choose how much you use, you can have subtle touches, using furnishings and furniture, or if you are feeling brave, you can have a complete room overhaul instead.

Whatever colour you choose for your home, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be exactly what you want and need it to be and you will have the ideal atmosphere too.

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