Insta vs Reality

Photoshop is the most impressive creation, because seriously, who would’ve thought it could be possible to change our appearance in such a natural way? Photoshopping pictures can be done so easily and secretly that people who do see the picture wouldn’t even realise that it has been edited. It is that easy, that’s what makes it so scary - that you can be fooled way too many times!

Photoshop our photos is becoming such a normal thing to do. It is  on the rise, the popularity of social media especially. Instagram is dominating the world we live in! Some are even gaining a job through it now as “influencers.”

The issue we now face as we procrastinate crolling through our insta is that we are not able to distinguish what is real and what is fake. A few touch ups is fine, such as the lighting or contrast. The real problem now lies when photoshop is used to completely transform an entire appearanCe, then posting claiming it to be real and so au natural. I bet you can think of a few people you may know, or have seen that do this? Are you guilty too of doing sometimes too? Do you feel your identity and personality being lost through this? It may even leave you feeling and becoming insecure - all because you think if everything else is doing it I have to follow?

Kim K, one of the most famous insta women out there, is known to edit her skin like a lot of other celebs. Their faces look super smooth and wrinkle-free and we wonder OMG. How. Do. We. Get. Skin. Like. This. PLEASE!! Well I hate to say it but no one naturally has perfect, smooth, pore-less skin? We all have a good days and bad with skin. Most makeup gurus and influencers are doing the same as Kim K. Even to the extent of body size and figure now being photoshopped to either looking, skinny, or curvy. Or whatever the trend may be. No body and nobody is the same and that is what make each indiucal in this world unique and perfect by being them. No filter allowed! Don’t allow social media to influence who you really are, be the real version of you, not the fake one.

Whether or not you agree with using photoshop or not, and to what extent. Bare in mind the effect it is having on users, remember life is real and flaws should be shown to be perfection. 

We look at these photoshopped men and women thinking this is the idea of perfection. BUT real beauty and perfection lies within appreciating how we are, the way we are- the natural way. You just need to love yourself first. 

Bye bye fake, hello the real world!

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