Keep Sane. STOP Stalking. I Know You’re guilty Of Doing This Too. Let’s Social Cleanse Instead!

The world we live in today presents stalking as a normal dating behaviour and is becoming more common to do.

Snooping isn’t a healthy trait and can even lead to an obsession and a part of your everyday routine. So it stops now!

You should discuss social media with your partner. Speak about what is on your mind and what is the core reason for you having to check all the time. Are you worried about something? Seen something you don’t like- Let’s just clear any assumptions up to stop overthinking like crazy NOW!

So I challenge you to do a social media cleanse.

We are all guilty of constantly checking social media continuously too, scrolling for no valid reason, the first thing we reach for in the morning is our phones. Do you do all these three things? I know I do.

Let’s change our habits and be more healthy.

So here are some helpful tips to get you started:

1. Create a plan and commit

Will you fast for a day, week or a month? Will you limit your time each day? Will you fast from one or more social platforms? There are so many ways you can limit the time you spend on socials. The main goal is to stick with your plan.

2. Let your friends join in on the social fast

Accountability will be key when it comes to your social media fast. Have your support network by your side and check in and motivate each other.

3. Don’t be tempted

It will be difficult as it is such a norm in everyday life, but don’t make it harder than it needs to be. There are plenty of apps that can limit your usage and you can now set screen time alerts, limits and monitor via your mobile devices to stay on track. So use this to your advantage to help you stick to your goal. If you really can’t help yourself… you can go to another extreme of disabling apps or delete them temporarily.

I believe you can do this! Watch how free your mind will feel. All the best x

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