Too Many Shoes?

Who doesn’t love shoes? We know that we do. If you ask us, you can never have too many shoes and whilst this is a great motto to live by, the truth is that shoes can all too quickly take over your house and leave it looking cluttered and messy. 

It can be hard to work out how best to organise your shoes to keep them neatly stored away, as well as maximise the space that you have. 

So, let us help you out by showing you the best way to organise your shoes. 

Note down what you have

If you don’t have that many shoes then you may be able to do this by sight (who are we kidding we have hundreds) but it's best to actually write down the shoes that you have. Sort them out into what you wear and what you don’t wear on a regular basis and make a note of what seasons you might wear them in.

Organise them into groups

Once you know what groups your shoes should be in, then you can start to actually put them into their groups. By putting them into sets, you can find out how many shoes you actually have (if you want to admit it of course) and what might need to be stored away until the next season and what can be left out year round. 


You might not want to admit it, but there are going to be some shoes that you don’t need to keep (we know, we are crying too) what better thing to do with them than to donate to someone else? Donating shoes not only makes room in your home, but it also helps someone else to own your beautiful shoes for themselves. Two great reasons in one! 

Figure out where you are going to store them

Once you know how many shoes you have to put away then you can start to think where you are going to store them. You need plenty of space, where they are out of the way, but that you can still get to them easily. Some people are really proud of their shoe haul, which means that they are going to want to show them off, whilst others will be much more inclined to hide them away. 

Decide on your type of storage 

The good news about shoe storage is that there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right storage. Racks, shelves, cupboards and drawers are all ideal for hiding away boots, flats and trainers. Take the time to shop around and see not only what fits in best with the space that you have, but also what style you like the most too. 

Rather than having to weep over saying goodbye to your wedges, crying over your crocs or sobbing because of your stilettos, we can help you to make sure that your shoes are as neat as they can be. 

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