We know that DIY is not everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes we just need to grab a drill and get on with it. The thing about DIY is that unless you are a dab hand with a nail, then you are probably going to need a bit of a helping hand to get things right. 

Aside from trying to grab someone at B&Q (or any other DIY store that you might have near you) taking a look at some of these awesome DIY ideas that you can try out for yourself.

Turn a chest of drawers into a planter

If you are lucky enough to have a garden (or even just have a tiny space to call a garden) then you can always take a battered up old piece of furniture and transform it into something that you can have in your garden. A chest of drawers makes a great planter, you can fill it with soil (just make sure you have taken out all your pants and socks first) and then plant some flowers in there. Not only is it a good way to use an old piece of furniture but it looks pretty awesome too. 

Paint your stairs

Stairs can seem like a real pain to make look good. Although, if you look on Instagram and Pinterest, then you probably will see loads of people with epic stairs in their homes. Feeling that your stairs are not really cutting it? If you are then you could always try painting them. This is a great way to jazz them up and to bring some colour to your home too. 

Build a pallet sofa

There is no greater satisfaction then building something with your own two hands (apart from maybe getting a really cheap pair of designer shoes that fit perfectly and don’t make your feet feel like they are on fire). But not everything is easy to put together. One great idea if you want to try out a bit of DIY building, but you don’t want to end up with too huge a job is to build a pallet sofa. This doesn’t cost a lot and can be a really fun way to add something extra to your garden. 

Cover your worktops in marble effect vinyl

Tired of your kitchen worktops? Want to make them look different without having to spend out a small fortune on replacing them? A cheaper way to redesign them is to cover them in vinyl. This comes in a range of patterns and colours, but most of the time marble is going to be the go to for your worktops. Although, you can use any style of vinyl that you want to make it look just the way that you like 

Feeling inspired to tackle a bit of DIY for yourself? If you are then grab your hammer and your tool belt and get DIYing. You never know what you could create when you just put your mind to a bit of manual labour! 

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