Comparisons – Whys Girls Compare Themselves! Why They Should STOP

Women are the worst for comparing themselves and being in constant competition with one another. In today’s society especially, EVERY aspect of life is compared.

More so on social media too! If you don’t look a certain way, act a certain way or even dress a certain way you will be questioned why not, that’s not normal. Everyone has to seem like they are “living their best life,” create instagrammable moments and go to places where it is insta worthy to post on the gram. Value has been lost, both on online platforms and people. Where has the individualism gone?

It needs to STOP! Now. Before it goes any further.

Every person on this planet is unique. Not one person is the same. We all have different personalities and qualities and that is what makes you so great!

You are unique. Your superpower is being you. Individualism needs to become a new trend. Not the constant competition, that you are “seen” to  be living your best life. Be your very own leader and not a follower. Be kind to yourself and others. Share positivity and love! What do you truly gain by comparing except disappoint based on unrealistic expectations?

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