You’ve Got It, So Ffs Flaunt It

You’ve Got It, So Ffs Flaunt It

You are all beautiful. Inside and Out. So make sure you dress to impress… for yourself 😉

Make an effort to feel good in the skin and clothes you are in and you will be GLOWING!

We are all different shapes and sizes so it’s important we know what styles flatter us the most… We want you to be looking 10/10.

So know your body shape and how to style it… Find your shape below:


A hourglass figure is an equal hip to shoulder, equal bust to butt and a smaller wasit. So emphasise that waist of yours as much as possible to enhance your curvy shoulders and hips.

DITCH the baggy clothes.


Obviously this isn’t a shape but it is where your shoulders and hips are of the same width, but when it comes to the waist it is slightly but not as well defined as an hourglass figure.

WEAR classic and timeless pieces.


If the length of your shoulder is narrower than your hips then your body is pear-shaped.

WEAR clothes that make your shoulders look wider so they are in proportion with your lower half of the body.


Do you have broad shoulders? And a tiny waist? Does your body get narrow then slim towards your legs? Then you are an inverted triangle.

WEAR styles where you can create a balance between the top and the lower half of the body. WEAR clothes that tone down your broad shoulders but draw attention to your waist.


This shape is normally associated with an athletic shaped body. If you are not too curvy, and your weight is equally distributed and your hips and shoulders are of the same width then you are definitely a rectangle.

WEAR clothes that add definition to your body and curves. Such as fit and flares, something belted to cinch the waist.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on what to wear.

Now it is time for YOU to get styling and experiment too. Have fun with it! Try new colours, prints and ROCK IT!

Once you’ve nailed this you are ready to conquer the world… Go and flaunt it!

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