Waxing vs. Shaving

We all love the feeling when our legs are soft and silky smooooth.
No feeling beats it ūüėČ

But what is the best way to get rid of the unwanted hair in the first 
Waxing or Shaving? These are both common methods of hair removal one is slightly painful, but then shaving can be such a chore too. Each has its pros and cons, like anything in life we choose to do. BUT both options can be quickly done at home.
Take note of the pros and cons to help you decide…


Waxing is basically the removal of hair by using warm wax that sticks to the hair and strips it off.

+ One of the pros of waxing is that you will be HAIRLESS for at least two whole weeks! How?! Well, waxing removes the hair directly from the follicle, causing the hair to grow back slowly, so you can enjoy your silky smooth skin for longer. Also, by waxing your skin will be super smooth to another level because waxing also acts as an exfoliant, dead skin cells are removed from your skin in the process making your skin will look even too. Surely there can’t be any cons if it waxing achieves all that? 

- What is your pain threshold like? 
The most known con of waxing is definitely the pain factor. You will
need to have a high pain tolerance as it can be discomforting,
especially in areas where you may be more sensitive. It is also 
important to bare in mind the cost. If you are unable to get a wax kit to use at home you may need to book an appointment which is not cheap!


Our second method to hair removal is shaving, the use of a sharp 
blade to trim the hair on the skin.

+ Shaving is a very popular option as it is COMPLETELY PAIN
FREE! The hair is only trimmed, so you are able to quickly achieve
smooth, hairless skin with a razor. It is also a very affordable and 
Cheap option of getting soft, hairless skin.

- Although, the con of shaving is that the hair does grow back extremely quickly, and would require you to regularly shave as part of your Routine. You may also find your skin to become more irritated, causing razor bumps, ingrown hair, cuts, and even rashes.

What one do you prefer? It is totally up to you and your preference.¬†Either way, you‚Äôll be feeling sexy and smooth after! So choose what suits you better, and know your pain threshold too ūüí™

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