Too Glam To Give A Damn 24/7 – How To Achieve A Day To Night Look

We all love to be G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!

So why not look glam 24/7. We can make that happen right here!

We have the tools you need to achieve a soft glam look. Perfect from day to night. It’s the latest trend everyone is going CrAzY about!

Here is what you need to do, take note…

PREP your skin

Your face is technically a canvas so we need a great base to start with and good skin leads to great makeup. So make sure you make a conscious effort to introduce a skin routine if you haven’t already- thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturise and you’ll see the glow in days.

To be even EXTRA grab a primer. Is this necessary though? It sure is, primers were designed to re-texturise your skin. It essentially smooths the surface by filling fine lines, wrinkles and any oversized pores – you’ll be looking flawless already.

Use the correct TOOLS

Invest in a quality set of brushes. This is vital as it determines the finishing look ensuring your makeup isn’t left streaky and unblended. Invest in a small makeup sponge too these are perfect for delicate/ smaller areas like under eyes.

SET your face and SPRITZ

Gently dust translucent powder over areas prone to be oiler as this will prevent and mattify the skin instead. Once your face is set, spritz a setting spray. This is the most important step in finalising your finished look! It will merge all the makeup together and give your face dimension and glow to last all day.

Voila, you are glam and ready to go!

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