Hottest Hair Dye Trends Are Right Here!

Fancy glowing up your entire existence with your hair. 

New hair, new me and all that ;)

What is stopping you from reinventing and having fun? 

Your new hair will make you look fire with one of the hottest hair dye trends below...

The Twilighting:

Did it remind you of the all time fav wolf and vampire movie series. Well it’s now a hair trend too! Perfect if you are a brunette who fancies adding something golden to their life and hair, whilst keeping warm undertones. All it is a few baby highlights that will easily add depth, movement and luminance to your hair. This soft and subtle colour will have everyone gazing.

The Sandstorm:

Fancy a change but with minimal effort and maintanance. The Sandstorm is perfect if you want to get your hair a little lighter. It adds brightness to your face, whilst embracing the natural roots. Get ready to cause a storm…

The Root Shadow 

Create an illusion… with your hair. This trend is an all time fav for those who love blonde hair. Blondes have more fun, right ;) Refresh your look with this soft and seamless contrast with a root shadow.

The Pastel Balayage 

Fancy something pastelly and pretty? This one is for those who are daring. I dare you to experiment with some vibrant colours! This trend combines natural browns with vibrant pastel colours such as peach, pink, any colour you love. Time to be wild and have some fun with it.

Don’t worry if after you think WTAF! The beauty of changing your hair, is having the ability to change it back again. Whatever the cut, colour or style. You can always have fun ;)

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