Skincare Tips You NEED to Know!

Good skin makes you feel great, look great, and has you glowing as bright as a diamond, as Riri likes to say. Not only that, it relaxes you, especially if you’ve had a long A** day. Even better, when it’s a new product you’ve been longing to try! BUT there are some tips and tricks we need to let you in on that will make your skin and self happy and healthy.

Tip # 1: Wear SPF all day, everyday

You may have arched your brow reading this but the sun is our worst enemy of the skin. With the UVA and UVB rays, in the long-term causes damage. Even when your indoors, believe me those rays can still hit you! Which is why you must wear SPF. It is even included in the makeup we wear, so keep an eye out on the products you use as it may have already been added. If not, go find your new fav moisturiser!

Tip # 2: Massage Your Skin with the touch of your fingertips

Your skin deserves TLC, time and a gentle touch. Don’t rush to get it done, allow the products to melt into the skin for a while, it helps increase the blood flow to your face leaving the skin healthier. You can use your fingers for this or try out some new skincare tools such as a rose-quartz roller to get that glow.

Tip # 3: Apply Your fav Moisturiser to wet Skin

Moisturise! It is a must, but don’t make a habit of only applying when your face may be dry. Lock in the hydration when your face is practically wet. It is so simple, let your skin air dry for a few secs after washing your face and they apply your fav moisturiser. Watch and see how much your skin will look plumper and radiant.

Tip # 4: Apply Skincare Products to Your Neck Too

Don’t leave out your neck! It is an easy mistake to make, we focus so much on our face but who wants a wrinkly neck. That is why it is so important that ALL your skin is taken care of, so just simply moisturise the neck whilst applying to the face. It isn’t too much hassle, and you’ll see the benefits.

Tip # 5: Care for Your Skin While You Sleep

Sleep is important for your skin, and why not even opt for a silk pillow too. Feels like heaven, and will do wonders to the skin, as it absorb less of the moisture and dirt. So when you awake, you’ll be ready to werk it. Also leaves your hair looking luscious and frizz free. So have yourself a silky sleep...

Follow these 5 steps and you will be looking flawless and youthful 24/7!

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