Why You Should Be Embracing Your Stretch Marks

We should be welcoming everything in life with embrace, including our stretch marks. It is time to learn to take care and love you and your stretch marks because they are beautiful.

Stretch marks are often compared, even called tiger stripes 🐅 Do you know why? Because Tigers are fierce and feared and that is YOUR strength, your fabulous, fiery, fire self…

Here are a few reasons why you should be living and embracing your bad ass tiger stripes! 

No more hiding, or airbrushing them. Show them to the world and be the badass I know you are.

Basically, we all have them!

No matter what size, shape or sex you are- chances are you will develop a stretch mark or more in your lifetime, and this is all because all bodies stretch. It is a part of being a human and a beautiful symbol in recognising the strength and courage your body and mind has gone through.

Stretch marks are the human body’s way to adapt to physical changes, and as we grow, our skin stretches, we all get stretch marks, so you’re not alone. 

Scar of kindness and strength

A stretch mark is a type of scar, our own war wound marking our strength and beauty.  Real beauty lies within being kind. To ourselves, our loved ones, our bodies and our marks.

Your Tiger stripes make you unique

Everyone’s stretch marks are different, not one is the same and for that very reason, they shouldn’t be hidden either. Your tiger stripes show a life lived and survived, so go and celebrate this!

There is nothing sexier than embracing your body and your sexy tiger stripes as they all tell a story.

Remember, stretch marks are normal, natural and beautiful and deserve love too. Go give your stretch marks some extra loving today because they deserve it! 

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