Lipsticks That Will Help Your Teeth To Look Whiter

Wearing lipstick is a great way to give yourself a boost and make you feel that you have gone from drab to fab. Lipstick comes in a wide range of styles, finishes and colours and pretty much every single makeup brand out there will have their own lipstick offering on the market.

The thing about all this choice is that it can be hard to know what is right for you.

One main concern that many people have when it comes to choosing lipstick is whether or not it will make your teeth look darker and yellower than they are. Something that certain lipstick shades have been known to do.

With this in mind, we want to make sure that your teeth are as sparkling and white as they can be. Which is why we have put together our guide to the main lipsticks that are going to help your teeth to look a whole lot whiter. 

The basics

The main thing to keep in mind is that in order to minimise the yellow look in your teeth, you are going to need to back away from any lipsticks that have real yellow and orange tones. These will bring out the same shade in your teeth. Not exactly what you are going to want. Essentially, you need to look cooler colours, blue and purple hues are the aim here! 

You may think that it is hard to pinpoint a lipstick shade, but the truth is that all you need to do is hold it up to the light and you will soon see the background colours that are hidden within. 

Red lipstick

Red is a colour that lots of people seem to be frightened of trying for themselves. However, in the right shade it can be the perfect way to make your teeth shine. You want to stay away from any reds that have an orange backdrop to them and instead look at the ones that are blue based. 

Raspberry pinks

If you are really worried about how your teeth may look when you wear lipstick, then a raspberry pink is going to be a good idea for you. The darker tones that are found in this pink are blue based, which means that they will help your teeth to look amazing. Matte finishes can also make your teeth look duller in colour, so go for a gloss finish if you can. 


Purple has a lot of blue in it, so it makes sense that plum coloured lipsticks are a good option. Plum comes in both lighter and darker shades and both of them have a blue base which means that they are going to help with the colour of your teeth. They also warm up your skin and look great for the evening and the daytime too. 

Love wearing lipstick and want to make sure that you feel as confident as possible? We hope that this has helped you to find the right shade to add to your makeup collection. 

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