Is "Too Much Makeup" A Thing?

What do you loveee about makeup? Does it make you feel hot to trot? Sexy and fierce? Or do you prefer the more au naturale look than glam? 

Makeup is a form of art in itself. 

You can be as creative, wild, daring or as simple and minimmalisitc as you like. Although, is it crossing a line where it’s becoming and looking “wayyyy too much” Where should the line be drawn? Not everyday is glam right?

But who are we to judge anyone? It all comes down to preference and what we see and like. No one can, and should talke that away from you. We are in the 21st century for crying out loud. We are all unique and instead should be supporting and loving one another, right?

We can only offer advice and some juicy guidance on how to make your look even better. Like why not add a primer to your makeup routine as a base before applying foundation, it will help blend product so much easier instead of sitting cakey and patchy. Blending is sooo important girls. A good blend make your contour look 10/10. Chisel your face with a fluffy blending brush and you’ll be looking like a VS super model.

Embrace who you are and the art you have created.

You are the muse so create a piece of art on YOU!

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