Beauty Essentials You Never Leave Your Home Without

We’ve all had those moments of panic where we rummage through our bag trying to find that one item we can’t live without. At some point in the day, many of us need a quick touch up to keep us looking and feeling fresh, what are the beauty essentials you never leave home without? 

Lip Balm

With the weather getting colder as we hit winter, lip balm is essential now more than ever. Keep lip balm on you at all times to avoid chapped lips and possible cuts that might turn nasty. You can opt for a plain or tinted lip balm to keep your lips hydrated.


Tweezers are always necessary. You might not have noticed the small hairs when you were shaping your brows earlier, but now you’ve noticed them and you need to get rid ASAP. Grab a pair of smaller travel tweezers that can safely and easily slide into your purse for all occasions.


The best way to look alive in the early hours is by brushing mascara on your lashes. There’s no other way to keep your eyes looking fresh and alive. A few strokes is the perfect way of emphasising your natural beauty.

Hand cream

Your hands take a lot throughout the day, whether you use your hands for manual labour, use harsh cleaning products or wash your hands regularly. All of these circumstances can dry your hands out over time. Keep a small hand cream on you at all times to avoid this happening.


Concealer is ideal for any touch ups you need to make throughout the day. Or maybe you don’t want too much coverage, but you want to hide those blemishes and dark circles. The key is to find a concealer that matches your colouring perfectly.


You never know when you might need wipes. What if you spill something on your outfit? Or you’ve smudged your make-up and you need to make adjustments? Wipes and tissues will always carry a purpose.

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