Instagram And Angles – Tips To Taking The Best Selfie

Do you take 100 photos and if you’re lucky you might like one or two. It is so much agg. But we are about to make it even simpler and easier…


Natural lighting will have you glowing in an instant without the need of a highlighter. But make sure to avoid directly facing the sun or casting shadows that beam over your face as this will be too harsh.

If it is a little later in the evening and you are finding it difficult to use flash. Try to use the front camera on snapchat, it gives a more subtle flash.


Know your angles.

So as silly as you think you may look, do it now and you know next time what you have got to do. Most people do opt for a tilt in the position of their head from left to right, up and down. Figure out your best side and have fun with it, don’t stress. And if you are ever in doubt, smile 🙂

Practice makes perfect!


You are ready to go girl! Aka the new selfie queen in town. See you on the gram 😉

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